Survivors' guilt

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Surviving cancer can be a life-altering experience, one that brings immense relief and gratitude. However, it can also evoke complex emotions including guilt, when you see others who may not have been as fortunate in their journey.

We wanted to create this discussion to form a safe space for Community members to share thoughts, experiences and coping strategies related to survivors' guilt. 

Have you experienced survivors' guilt? If so, please feel free to introduce yourself and share any thoughts or experiences below. Remember, this is a judgement-free zone where members are here to listen, empathise and support each other.

Thank you for being part of this Community and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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  • As it happens, I've got a complete metabolic response to treatment but I heard today about a second person who's recently died (the funeral of number one, who I knew personally a little, was Wednesday. What's made that much worse is that I used to see him occasionally in chemotherapy, so I thought he was doing as well as me).

    Largely I try not to think about it, which is my coping method. I have all the other problems that stem from lack of trust in doctors and if I took on any more I'd be overwhelmed.