3 cancer in two years

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Hello everyone 

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 3 weeks ago and had surgery to remove my thyroid and some lymph nodes, thats third primary cancer .  Two years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 1a , then after a year in follow up for my breast I was diagnosed with stage 0 of breast cancer which is DCIS , I did mestactomy because my breast was busy and my family history was positive for breast cancer. When I had pet scan to monitor my ovarian cancer they found out Thyroid cancer. I feel so down, surgery after surgery, pain and nauseous after I wake up after operation, all scans all blood tests make me sick. I know I should not be weak but I can’t stop thinking. I have 3 years old daughter, I am thinking about her ,  when I told my family which doctor said there is a lump in my thyroid is suspicious for cancer , they told me stop worrying about your body thats nothing , and they told me because I am very aware always I find something that broke my heart ,I know I am lucky to catch early diagnosis thank goodness at the same time I felt I am embarrassed to get new cancer . I feel I am weak and I am thinking about cancer all the time. 

  • Hi  and welcome cross to this corner of the community and first a supportive ((hugs))

    Oh you have had a raw deal over the past few years but please don't feel anyway embarrassed that you have had 3 cancers..... you have just been very unlucky....... although having one cancer does open up the door for others to come along unfortunately.

    I have been on my incurable blood cancer journey for over 24 years now and over the first 16 years I relapsed multiple times, so although this is not exactly the same I do understand the merry go round of treatment.

    My main advice is to celebrate the 'wins' when they come along. Our 2 daughters were in their teens when I was first diagnosed but now we have 4 beautiful granddaughters...... yes this is them.

    We (all the family) made a commitment way back at the start that we would celebrate all the good days and put up with the not so good days and not let my cancer and the years of treatment (see my story in the link at the bottom) rob us of enjoying life.

    It was all about definition........ we took control of how we defined our life and how we lived it and committed not to let my cancer define us.

    Talking to people face to face can be very helpful so do check to see if you have any Local Macmillan Support in your area, do also check for a local Maggie's Centre as these folks are amazing and give support to all the family.

    Macmillan have also teamed up with BUPA to offer up to 6 free counselling sessions for people struggling emotionally because they are living with cancer. Clicking on the link will give you more information about this.

    You are still in the early days of navigating the journey so you may find it helpful to make a cuppa and have a look at this great paper After Treatment Finishes - Then What? by Dr Peter Harvey as it highlights the post treatment milestones.

    Always around to chat ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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