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I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2016, it took 5 months to diagnose and I was told all th way along it was nothing until it was cancer. Have full removal and been cancer free since. I found a lump in my armpit a few weeks ago, it is something that comes and goes. I've had bloods and an ultrasound so far and going for a mammogram next week. Doc doesn't seems concerned and thinks it is a cyst but this is exactly what I was told with the thyroid. 

I'm just about holding it together as I feel as though I've only just got on an even keel after a stressful year and now this!

  • Hi  and I see it’s your first post on the Community so welcome.

    Navigating the post cancer world is a challenge, some just got on with life but others do live in the world of ‘what if’s?’….. I can u sets tabs this and it’s a difficult mind set to control.

    I was diagnosed way back in 1999 at 43 with a very rare incredible but treatable blood cancer and over the years I have had significant treatments. For the first 16-17 years I was only ever in partial remission but eventually full remission was achieved in Sep 2016…… as you are now experiencing I have also had ‘other things’ come along that had to be tested. My lymph nodes are very reactive so do go up and down at the first introduction of an infection or an anomaly.

    I have other medical challenges (See my story but I refuse to allow these to define my life…,,. As a family we chose how we define life and life with the constraints of my medical challenges.

    My very simple mind set is until I am told it’s something to be concerned about I am not concerned…… sounds impossible to do but if I had not developed this way forward then my past 24 years would be a like of misery and stress.

    Lets look for this to be something simple. Developing trust in your body is a challenge. I find reading this great paper After Treatment Finishes - Then What? by Dr Peter Harvey as it highlights the post treatment milestones.

    Consider what I have said, make a cuppa and have a look at the great paper abd do come back to me with your thought so we can talk more.


    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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