I go for a MRI Spine Lumbar & Sacral Scan Monday 14th August 5-30pm

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I am not worried about this scan or am I? I know in my hearts of hearts it’s not cancer ? Or am I worrying it’s back ? I’m not sure what I think or feel. I have dreadful pain in my back at the bottom of my spine and it’s been like this for such a long time I’ve had breast cancer 2014, lung cancer December 2022 and got treatment and got all clear in June of this year. With all the scans and tests I’ve had I think if this was cancer back again surely it would have been picked up when I was diagnosed with lung cancer? And I’m so worried that nothing shows up in this scan and they don’t know why I’m in all this pain in the bottom of my back? I keep thinking what if my back scan shows that the bottom of my spine is in perfect condition, so why and how am I in constant pain in the bottom of my back. I’m on codeine pain killers and have voltarol gel to rub in and both work and take most of the pain away, I sometimes think is this pain all in my head and it’s not real? I don’t know what to think anymore, love Yvonne xx

  • Hi Yvonne17,I hope it all goes well and that the pain is not cancer related.My spinal pain was caused by severe arthritis and showed up on an MRI scan.Best wishes Jane 

  • Thank you for your lovely reply and I’m sorry you’re in pain as well with your back honey xx

  • The anti inflammatory creams help and keeping active.I’ll keep everything crossed for you.I hope they can find something to help you with the pain.Love Jane x

  • Hi  once you have a cancer diagnosis it is easy.... no natural for our minds to go straight to the C word when any new health issues comes along. Let's look for you to get a clear answer and nothing that can't be dealt with simply is found.

    Being on my incurable blood cancer journey for over 24 years I have had multiply scans and a few have thrown up 'other' health conditions that without having the regular scans I would not have know about......... I have asbestosis and a massive Hiatus Hernia, both of which I live with and don't require any significant treatment..... but are monitored.

    In 2010 I was having back, neck and arm pains....... a scan revealed I had Thoratic & Lumber Spondylosis - Spinal Osteoarthritis.

    Just before last Christmas I was having pains in my side and my regular qFIT (poo) test had blood in it so this started 4 months of tests....

    Virtual CT Colonogram showed I did not have Bowel Cancer...... but did confirm that I had radiation (damage) proctopathy due to the radiotherapy I had as part of my second Stem Cell Transplant so this was the reason for the blood.... nothing can be done to fix this..... I just live with it......... but my PSA Bloods were up...... referred to Urology. 

    After my first appointment 'something' unexplained was found so had an MRI then a Prostate biopsy....... nothing was found to be wrong.

    The conclusion was that my massive Hiatus Hernia that actually totally surrounds my stomach 'had moved/changed' resulting on it pressing on some nerves...... this has totally cleared now with no intervention.

    My PSA count had went down by the time i went back to see the consultant...... and after some discussion he said "that fact that you say that you got an exercise bike back in November will have put up your PSA test result"......... so officially exercise is bad for you Wink

    All though these year it would be easy for me to think the worst but my default has always been and will always be 'until I am told there is actually a problem - there's not'

    It's important to not let the 'what if's?' define how we live...... we need to define life ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Hi Yvonne17

    i hope your scan went well and you got good news.

    not quite the same but I do understand the anxiety I have recently finished treatment for oesophageal cancer but a couple of weeks ago found a lump in my armpit.  The doctor has done an urgent referral and I have an appointment next week.  Whilst I have had lumps like this before which have been cysts I can’t help but believe this will be cancer.

    it’s great to hear this type of anxiety is normal and keeping busy helps, I need to find more to do, normally I walk a lot but my dog has chosen now to go lame so I have to rest her!

    Best wishes