Hair loss/wigs

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Hi everyone , I haven't posted in ages as mentally my mind was to busy on the roller my mind made for itself. I still have good and bad days.. I'm almost 17 mths in remission and sometimes I think will things ever get better.. I am a lot better than I was when I 1st came home from hospital.. I spent 16 weeks in hospital, you can say basically bed ridden as I was hooked to my chemo pump for most of the time.. I spent that time in bed as I got worse before I got better, I lost my hair 10 days into my treatment to me was very sudden and upsetting as I didn't think I'd lose it that quickly or all of it.. To this day I still wear my wig although my hair has grown back, it's went from poker straight to very chemo curly, so my initial look at myself isn't me so I find myself hiding behind my wig, I am starting on good days going out without it, building my confidence, my latest upset was when I was visiting a friend they thought it would be helpful to hide my wig and pretend I was there without it, forcing me to go out like that..only thing I had worn my wig all day & my hair was stuck to my head in places, upset wasn't the word, they were adamant I didn't have it which only played on my chemo brain doubting myself, they gave in & returned my wig saying they only did it to force me as I shouldn't be wearing it, I know it's nearing as I'm going out on days without it but can't believe someone would do that to me, sorry for the big rant just needed to get it off my chest and talk about it in a safe environment 

  • Hi Gypsy Rover, well this "friend" seems extremely insensitive!  If you had a sore leg would they hide your walking stick? I am not surprised you want to rant. So would I!  You wear whatever you blimmin want, my dear. Wig, hat, scarf or nothing. It is your choice.

  • Hi Littlerunner , Thank you for your reply , after my rant I did feel much better for it than keeping it bottled up & festering.. She told her husband he shouldn't have done that and never to mention my hair even if I'm on a good day & I've managed to come out without it.. some mornings aren't great , wig goes on , Sis takes me swimming feel better for it so the wig stays in the bag , also can't put a wig on wet hair.. but I am getting there like the rest of me slowly but surely.. my neuropathy flares up and doing tasks can be hard on me but again I take my time.. can't rush what you can't do.. Hope you have a fab week , I've got my son staying with me so I've got company