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hi everyone I got all my results today and my diagnosis my cancer is back only this time it’s in my lung , I was diagnosed this morning having primary lung cancer in my left lung I start radiotherapy in January love Yvonne x

  • Hi  sorry to hear this news, I can understand in part as I have relapsed multiple times over the years but so far my clinical teams have been able to deal with this.

    I see you have joined and posted in the Lung Cancer group, this will be a good place to get support ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Hi Yvonne17

    Sorry to hear that your cancer is back.

    Best of luck with your treatment.

    Best wishes


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  • Yvonne I'm so sorry to hear your news hon.  Having one type of cancer you've dealt with is one thing but it's so unfair on you to have another primary diagnosis as well.  You must still be in shock, soHugging much to take in. Sending you a huge hug  Hugging and love xxx

  • Hi hon it just hasn’t sunk in yet because I don’t feel anything nothing it’s like I’m saying to my self “or ye lung cancer thanks I’ll wait until I get my appointment to see what’s what” I don’t feel it’s real xx

  • Yes I get that. Nature's way of us coping with bad stuff is shock initially and that's where you are right now sadly.  You've got to wake up each day right now and face the day so go with it, don't question it hon, just get through one day at a time. 

    As you know from your previous diagnosis there's little we can do in the many bits of waiting time and during the treatment time too.  

    Try and keep well,  eat well, moisturise your skin, especially your front and back torso just so your skin is in the best condition pre the radiation treatment.  Your specialist nurse can advise on the many lotions and potions bit to use once treatment has started as your skin can become red and sore. 

    Walk every day for fresh air and a scenery change, avoid and internet searches too.  Hold on tight to supportive family and friends hon, sending you more hugs and love xxxx