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Hi Everyone - I came on here a short while ago very confused and angry about life after cancer. I was directed by The Highlander to look at Maggie's which I had never heard of. My nearest one was in Leeds and I finally managed to visit last Friday. My husband came with me for moral support but as it happened it would have been just as ok without him.

Starting with the person who came straight up to us to say hello it was the most positive and rewarding experience. It was such a calm, peaceful and beautiful area to be in. So many comforting features and spaces to go where you could be private or with other people. There was no pressure but a massive amount of understanding and people who knew just what to say and suggest. There were things to become involved with if you wanted to, classes, groups etc counselling if you wanted/needed it - all free - as much or as little as you wanted. You can go there just to have a safe space and talk to no one if you want. They were happy to talk to and support my husband and anyone who was involved with helping me through my cancer journey. Tea, coffee even cakes! It was a home from home where you could be without looking at the same four walls or all the jobs you need to do.

I will definitely be going regularly from now on and am gong to take a course called 'Where Now' which is designed to look at how to manage and embrace the new normal that life has become.

If anyone is hesitating or hasn't heard of these wonderful places, have a look and make a visit.

  • Hi  I so pleased that you were made welcome at the Leeds Maggie's Centre. These centres are some welcoming and meet you at you level of need.

    I did the Where Now? Course a few years back and it was a great foundation to move life forward.

    Well done 

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hello and yes my experience of the one at Bart’s in London. I also went on a six week course May- June there called Where Now? So useful and yesterday some of us from that course met up at Maggie’s and had a catch up. The course is for anyone who has completed treatment but by chance our group was made up of women who have had breast cancer. It’s a wonderful support x

  • I found my group sessions at Maggie’s really helped me turn a corner as the emotional side of things only hit me after my treatment ended. It also put things into perspective hearing other people’s experiences. I would highly recommend it