Same old!

Everyone must be bored silly hearing me go on about this but I've had another few weeks of constant diahorrea followed by constipation! I take Immodium to stop and Senna to start! It would be funny if it wasn't ruining my life! My stoma nurse adviced taking 1 Senna every night, which I did on Saturday! Sunday only a very little output but Monday, OMG!! One gurggle and that was it, bag nearly bursting off my body and it just wouldn't stop! Sorry to be so graphic but it was horrendous! This time I haven't taken Immodium and it did stop after an hour or so! This morning I phoned the Stoma Clinic and I've been told to go back to bland foods! I haven't a clue how to make something interesting out of mashed potatoes, chicken and white rice, no veg ! Oh, forgotten bananas and smooth peanut butter! I hate sounding so sorry for myself, apologies everyone! It wouldn't be so bad if I knew WHY this is happening after 16 months but no-one seems to know! 

Apologies again,

Moira x

  • What a horrible experience!  I had some of that when I tried chemotherapy. No constipation but projectile diahorrea from the stoma..  After some days I was showing symptoms of dehydration  When my temperature got to 39 my wife and daughter took me to hospital where I stayed for over two weeks.  What does your oncology team say sbout it?

  • Just Googled 'chioken ad potato recipes'.  A lot of these have spices but you might get some ideas!

  • Good idea, I'll try that!

    I'm not getting a high temperature, sickness or any pain! I was warned it could happen when I was on chemo but, thankfully, it never did! Your poor wife and daughter must be so relieved you're well now!

    My last MRI came back fine just last week so I haven't phoned anyone on the oncology team! I've been told to phone the GP tomorrow if it happens again, incase I have an infection but no-one appears unduly concerned! So if my lovely Stoma team aren't worried, I'll try eating cardboard for a while! My son is making a chocolate birthday cake for his brother, which isn't helping!

    Thank you so much for your help,


  • Having been put on laxatives following my Cystoprostatectomy I also was either running to the loo, or waiting for "developments" -- a friend of my wife's - a retired Nursing Sister, recommended eating  few prunes and weetabix each morning for breakfast - after a few days I was predictably regular and have , for the past eight years,had this for breakfast,(plus porridge, fried, or whatever )

    Prunes may not be to everyones' taste - but they are preferable to the alternative, and are a natural remedy rather than lots of chemical "solutions".

  • Thank you so much! I actually like prunes, I'd  quite enjoy  a few with porridge! Although I'd happily eat anything if it would stop this dreadful problem!

    Thanks again,


  • Glad to help Moira - I recommend Delmonte tinned prunes in juice- refreshing and they WORK ! laxatives are always the easy answer for medical staff -- but they don't actually have to use them do they ?

  • Hi Moira

    This is rotten that it’s taking over you life  

    I enjoyed White bread Butter Fishfinger with mayo. I lived on that for six weeks. Wotsits or dry crackers thickened and slowed my output.
    Not sure why they’re telling you to take Senna at night with a stoma. I stop eating at six pm so I can get a good nights sleep. My output is low over night.
    prune juice is really good and soft leaf salad loosen mine.
    I found bland food thicken. But we are all different.   
    I really hope that things settle soon. I

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Thanks Ann,

    I remember you telling me once before to eat dry crackers and that's one off the things I'm eating now! I'm hoping this bland food bit is only till things thicken! Quite honestly I don't like Senna, I find them to strong but that's what the Stoma nurse says, but not yet! I thought Wotsits would make it worse but I'll give it a go next week! It's certainly making me loose the weight I'd put back on!

    I'd love a fish finger sandwich but I'm having chicken and mash! Luckily I'm not hungry!

    Nice to hear from you,

    Best Wishes,

    Moira x

  • This is very interesting. See my post about Fatty food !!!!