Things to make chemo easier

So recently both my parents have been diagnosed with cancer (mum breast and dad bowel) within a month of each other. My mum started chemo yesterday and me and my brothers got them both care packages with things to help e.g. special hairbrush, mouth care, essential oils, cosy stuff etc. But is there anything that helped anyone or thought something that could have really helped?

Some members of the family are covering the hair, scalp, nails and skin bases. And we're currently creating a plan to split housework, shopping and meals between us.

I guess my first question is - is there any particular method people have found helpful with splitting chores, helping with meals with little appetite and shopping?

My second question - how can I make their lives easier, anything to help with their memory, or with their mental health or something to take to chemo with them?

Really appreciate any advice, feeling very overwhelmed!

  • Hi

    Sometimes just sitting while the chemo goes in can be really quite boring and some people find electronic entertainment quite helpful. Our hospital offers free wi-fi so that can help.

    Sometimes patients want to talk about cancer and chemotherapy but often it is the last thing on their minds, if we think about all the things they are interested in and really show an interest in finding out more about that it can help to bond us more closely.



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  • hi we’ve found that taking a puzzle book in is very distracting and we send video messages to my mum during the chemo wishing her good luck to cheer her up. 

    theres also workshops with different hospitals which do virtual sessions on things like taking care of your skin etc and companies then donate lots of free gifts for care packages, my mum got hers last week after doing a virtual session and it really cheered her up 

    sending love x