How to support my Dad?

Hi all

My dad is currently receiving immunotherapy for stage 3 skin cancer. He's feeling very unwell, physically and emotionally. I want to be able to help, however I live 2 1/2 hours away, have 2 young kids and work full time so I'm not able to visit as much as I'd like.

Does anyone have any suggestions of things I can do to help support him and my mum? And show that I care?

Thanks so much


  • Hi

    I am sure your parents would want more that anything else you to be looking after their grand children. However they may appreciate a text message or even a letter to let them know you are thinking about them.

    Many cancer patients choose not to talk about cancer, I spent some hours in the chemotherapy suite with my wife and I think we managed to put everything right in the whole world.

    How old are your children? Unless they are very young I am sure they will have picked up on a degree of tension and it might help to look at Talking to children and teenagers as a fertile imagination can easily make them feel much worse than there is any need to be.



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  • Hi Steve

    Thanks so much for your response, that's really helpful. My children are 4 and 2. The 4 year old has asked a few questions about why Grandpa's ill, so I'll be sure to read the link you shared.

    1. My Dad doesn't keep his mobile on at home but I'm sure he'd appreciate a letter. I'll send one this week.

    Thank you Blush