Trying to be strong for a run

Hi there

Tomorrow I run a mud run with proceeds going to cancer for my best friend who is terminal. 

I am also intending to donate some of the proceeds (out of my own pocket) to my best friend and her partner carer for whatever they need. I want to think of a few other fundraisers too. 

However it will be a difficult race as I am running for her and she wont be there to support as she is far too weak, which originally she said she would be back in March =(. Also last September we ran the same race and a week later she fell ill which was later diagnosed as cancer. She did an incredible thing that day: racing after a year and 5 months in remission and was so happy and proud and strong. 

It is hard. I have been crying on and off since I heard the news nearly a month ago. I feel so sad for her. I want to do her proud tomorrow without any wobbles. 

Thanks for even just listening. 

  • Hi

    I am sure your friend will be their in spirit and bless you for doing something positive.

    What I say when I have a wobble now is that my love is overflowing from my eyes - a "big" "strong" man people say is inspirational weeping - well whatever next.



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