My mum, mu best friend and rock has recently been diagnosed with endometrial cancer ( womb ) its come as a shock to us all! From having a few little problems a few weeks ago to them saying it was probably just a polyp to now this was just such a shock! Sob along with loosing our stepdad just before christmas its just so much to take on! 

  • hi and welcome to our community. I think it is one of the best clubs on the planet but one we might all hope nobody ever needed to join.

    My wife has Leiomyosarcoma and out path to diagnosis was incredibly hard - so rather totally unlike your mum.

    I think everyone on here recognizes the line on this being something so hard to take on - cancer is perhaps a great taboo, not really a great conversation opener. When I talk at work about what we as a family have been through people say "you are inspirational", "how do you cope?" - well the real secret is we were never given a choice. Doing things alone though is really tough and I am so grateful for the family that have gathered on here because sometimes I am in too much pain to keep it all inside. Looking at Talking about your cancer diagnosis can be really helpful - even more so in a "anonymous" forum like this.

    Often those affected by a cancer diagnosis find they have a range of emotions - shock being a common one - lots on this in



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