Rollercoaster, aunt given months to live

My aunt has been told she only has months left to live. She was diagnosed in Oct 2021 with stage 4 ovarian cancer which had already spread to several bones and lymph nodes.

Recent scan showed that it had now gone to her kidneys.

She is in quite a bit of pain in her back, not sure if that is to do with the kidneys or spine, so she has an MRI booked next week to hopefully find out.

I live about 2-3 hour drive away from my family (all I have is my mum and my aunt). When I'm busy it helps but at night or when Im on my own, I just cry and can't stop. I keep trying to think back when things were normal, how she looked, jokes she made etc but I'm struggling. She looks so frail and in so much pain, it's hard to see her like this. 

It's a massive rollercoaster of emotions at the moment.

I still can't quite get my head around it yet and although I can see how frail she looks, I still can't imagine her not being here. I have a very small family and she has been like a Mum to me. 

Sending love to everyone going through hell at the moment. Sarah xx

  • Hi Sarah. I am really sorry for the situation you are in with your beloved Aunt.

    It is one of the hardest things in the world to watch somebody we love go through cancer. You are right about the rollercoaster of emotions but unlike a rollercoaster ride we don't have an option to get off of this ride.

    I have recently found Maggies which have been invaluable in helping me cope with the overwhelming feelings I have been going through and also on this site just talking about what we are going through with people who truly understand is very helpful.

    Search and see if you have a local Maggie's center and drop in and speak to them if you have a chance to as it really does help to speak to people who understand and it will give you a chance to vent your feelings and emotions.

    I wish you all the best and hope your Aunt's pain improves. If her condition is terminal then a palliative consultant is useful as they can give stronger pain relief than a G.P can prescribe. I am not sure if she is seeing one yet or not but it would be useful to check with your mum and arrange an appointment if needed. Your CNS should be able to help get her pain managed properly.

    Love and a virtual hug being sent 

    Loulou. x x