My Dad is in his last weeks and he is saying false things. Is this delusion or drugs?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and I am new to this forum.

My Dad is in his last weeks and is in home hospice care right now. We just doubled his pain meds, which has made him much sleepier. However, today he started asking questions like "Are the kids speaking German?" and "Did they get a puppy?" and "Who got bitten?" He was all fine besides that, talking and making jokes (yay) for the first time in a long time. He seemed actually BETTER than usual. I was really happy about that. But I am really confused about his questions.

Should I ask him..? What do I do?? I am really really scared. Are these considered delusions? Could the increase in drugs be causing it?

  • Hi dap111 welcome to the forum. You are young to be experiencing this awful situation. Some of these meds can cause people to be confused and say some strange things and it sounds like that is what is happening with your Dad . He may have more situations like this that occur and whilst I accept that it is very scarey for you, I'm not sure that asking him will get any sensible answers for you. He may be totally unaware of saying these things. 

    Do you have family around you that you can talk with and share any anxieties that you experience or not. If you ever feel that it would help to talk with someone please do give the Macmillan Line a call and have a chat, they are great and very good listeners as well. 08088080000.

    Hope that the reply has been helpful for you at this time? x  


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