How to support your partner and live with cancer

Hello,  My partner has renal cancer and has now developed a shadow on his liver which is being investigated.  We have been attending appointments since his diagnosis at the end of last year.  I do not live with him, but live around 30 miles away, so often travel backwards and forwards. I work full-time and also provide childcare one day a week for my 18month old beautiful granddaughter. I am just reaching out to ask for any tips on how others live with cancer. Living and fitting cancer around life is what we are very much wanting to do (which is good in theory!).  Any help anyone can give as to how to live with this hanging over us and how I can best support him would be fantastic Slight smile

  • Hi @parkers

    Sorry to hear about your partner though nice to hear about your granddaughter and of course the struggles balancing everything together puts on you.

    There are some quite good tips in Supporting a family member with cancer that I found helpful - especially the bits about dealing with my own emotions.

    As you work it can be helpful to talk to your line manager, or if you have such a well being lead or employee assistance programme - they can be very helpful in supporting you if they know what is happening. 

    In terms of helping him - probably keep life as normal as possible and for many things listen - if can help to look at Talking about cancer



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