Struggling with the heartache

My mum was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer which has spread to her Lungs and liver. A stoma and potential chemo is the only way forward. I’m just really struggling with the emotion. I feel completely broken and worried that I ll not be able to support as best I can because of how upset I am. I can’t stop all of the thoughts and worries. I’m just completely bereft and sometimes can’t breathe thinking about life without my mum

  • I’m in a similar position with my mum. Asking all the same questions as you are. I can’t give the answers. But what I will say, this group helps!! Reading other posts to know you aren’t alone in your feelings. 
    I send all the best wishes to your mum & you!! I hope things get better x

  • Sorry to hear you and your mum are in the same position x it’s just so heartbreaking x I only manage a couple of hours sleep and I wake up and it all hits me x I’m frightened of so many things but not being able to support the best I can because of my own emotions too x I’m so angry at god or the universe why my beautiful mum

    who is so kind and lovely and I know we all feel similar x my mum is 81 next week and both mum and dad have been huge parts of our lives x love to you both

  • This is exactly how I feel.

    My dad is 81 too and up until 4 weeks ago he was quite a gorgeous happy chap who loved being outside in his garden digging, planting etc. we found out last week he’s got 6mths. I’m stunned, terrified and feel very alone. I wish it would all go away. I adore my dad an without him… x

  • Hi I know exactly how you are feeling my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer and sadly my dad's been diagnosed with cancer I feel lost and helpless my mum starts chemotherapy this week and I'm dreading seeing her poorly feel like my world has been turned upside down I've done her a care package for chemotherapy and do her housework and cook some meals for her and my dad but still feel useless ...sending hugs..xx

  • Ive been feeling the same way but i think just you being there means a lot to them and i just try to relieve some of the stress by being helpfull .My mum 54 was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year  I had my baby in August and a month later her symptoms became worse,  then biopsies, scans and operations began, she is currently having her chemo treatment but on her last cycle next week, everyday I just wish that this will come to an end with a good outcome but I'm so worried it won't. She's also the best granny to my boys and I worry how they will cope. 

    Just a message away if you need someone to chat to x

  • We have just discovered my mum has stomach cancer that has already spread to her bowel. We are all totally devastated and I just can't stop crying and, like you, I simply can't contemplate life without my beloved mum. At the same time I'm trying (and failing!) to stay strong for my poor dad and my own children, who are all totally shell shocked. Mum is the centre of our family, the glue that keeps us all together. I love her so very much and am really not coping at all...