my auntie doesn’t have long left

my auntie was diagnosed early 2021 with bowel cancer. she’s gotten worse everyday. had 2 rounds of chemo which has done nothing but worn her out. she has an appointment tomorrow to see how much longer she has left but they told us it’s likely less than 7 weeks. she’s the sweetest person ive ever met. she loves children and was looking into getting ivf treatment to start her own family. but now she can’t. i feel selfish for feeling the way i do right now but i just can’t handle it. ive never had someone close to me die before and im not sure how i’ll be able to cope. 

  • Hi @lulu,

    So sorry to hear about your auntie, it is clear how much she means to you and it does seem cancer often picks on some of the nicest people around.

    Coping with anyone we love dying is really difficult but anyone with a terminal illness it is easy to get into a state of pre-grief where we start the grieving process  even before they die. Sometimes this can be feeling the loss of those life events we were looking forward to and it can stop us getting the most of any time we have left.

    I did a living with less stress course that helped me cope and it is worth noting that there is no right of wrong when it comes to grieving. Talking is often helpful and there are a number of sources out there that can help - including of course talking/typing on here".