My mum has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

So this has all happened out of the blue my beautiful Mum has cervical cancer which has spread to her lungs no one knew anything about this we found out yesterday she has stage 4 cancer we are so heartbroken by this news i feel so lost and angry and very upset SleepySleepy

  • Hi @kim91 and welcome to our community, the best club that wants nobody to even need to join.

    It does seem that cancer comes out of the blue but we know in reality this will have been going on for some time, the diagnosis is just a point on this journey.

    I find the information in Supporting a family member with cancer quite useful in demonstrating how "normal" our reactions are at a time like this and help us perhaps feel less alone.

    Do feel free to post on here whenever, someone is always listening and working together helps us all.



  • Hi Kim91

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mum.

    My mums stage 4 cancer has come completely out of the blue also, like you I feel devastated and so angry at the world. I don’t understand how it can be so advanced, I keep asking why we couldn’t have caught it early. I don’t have any advice but I wanted to say that I totally relate to your feelings and that if you ever want to talk, please get in touch. Sending hope and best wishes to you and your mum x

  • Hi there im really sorry to say that my lovely wonderful mum passed away the cancer was too aggresive she died a week ago im so heartbroken SobSobSobSobSobBroken heartBroken heartBroken heartBroken heartBroken heart

  • Hi Kim91,
    I am so sorry to hear your sad news. What an awful shock for you to lose your Mum so quickly.
    The silver lining is that at least she wasn't in pain for long.
    Do you have family and/or friends there with you?
    Sending you a massive hug x x x

  • Kim91

    I am so very sorry. It’s is utterly heartbreaking to hear that your mum has passed away. I hope you have so much support around you in what must be such a difficult time xxxx

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. My mum has been battling stage 4 for several years now and is rapidly deteriorating. Is anyone aware of where we can get support? Although this is a good space for letting out our emotions, I feel as though face to face support would be much greater. 

  • I am so sorry to hear this :(. Please know you’re not alone and we’re here if you need. Take time for yourself and make your mum proud of you and keep living her legacy. Sending you so much love xxxx 

  • hi , my go to place for face-to-face is our local Maggies centre. However if there is not one near you then try using our in your area tool and enter your postcode (sometimes worth trying your hospital postcode too).

    Hope you find the help that works best for you.



  • So sorry to hear your sad news about your loving mum.. its heartbreaking I'm going through terms of cervical cancer with my sister theres nothing they can do for her either but chemo to prolong her life span.. its spread to her lymph nodes ect... shes now started with pains in her legs n really bad pains in her stomach... but shes so stubborn n says il be fine ... I know she doesnt wanna hear more bad news coz been told u have 18 to 24 months to live must be the most hurtful feeling ever.. her if you want to talk xxxxx