Winter Picture Festival 2021

Hi everyone,

This festive season, we’d like to celebrate your creativity again here on the Online Community. Many of you might remember last year's Winter Picture Festival, where your pictures brought the Community team, and other members, a lot of joy last December. Across the site, we know many of our members love sharing their photography, paintings and creations. 

Please share your most festive pictures below in this discussion thread. This is an opportunity to share a photograph you’ve taken, or something you have made along a winter or festive theme. We'll be sharing the highlights in a Community News blog at the end of the year.

Please just make sure not to share a picture which could indicate where you live, such as decorations on the front of your house, just for your safety online. 

For a bit of inspiration, these are some of our most popular photos from the Winter Picture Festival 2020:


We're looking forward to seeing all your fun and festive photography and creations!

Best wishes,

The Macmillan Community team