Winter Picture Festival

Handmade christmas tree decoration made with twigs and baubles

Our featured image, from

First of all, we’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who shared a picture with the Online Community as part of our Winter Picture Festival. Your pictures brought the Community team, and our members, a lot of joy this December.

The Winter Picture Festival gave members the opportunity to share a picture they’d taken, or something they had made, on a winter theme.

There were too many amazing pictures to share in one blog. If you’d like to see all of our Winter Picture Festival pictures, you can go to our Winter Picture Festival Gallery.

's 7 year old granddaughter, Lilly

A little girl in a pink coat, sat next to a giant pine tree covered in Christmas lights.

's Christmas card design

A watercolour highland cow wearing a Christmas hat.

's cosy Christmas decorations

A picture of a cosy fireplace and a Christmas tree, covered in fairy lights.

"Grand Tigger" and "Baby Tigger" from

A man holding a baby, where both are in orange and black tiger costumes.

's "Christmas stag" painting

A painting of a stag on a blue background.

We hope you enjoyed this celebration of our members’ creativity here in the Online Community. If you have a favourite, why not comment on their picture in the Winter Festival Gallery to let them know?