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I wake up feeling scared most days. Last week was amazing and then it wasnt.i dont even know what happened.  Others have it so much worse then me and I'm crying. I have no one but my 5 kids.  No family here what so ever. I feel so scared and alone and I dont know what to do.i talk till I'm blue in the face I call gp like everyone says they give me pills I feel great for a weekish then back to feeling lost and alone. I'd love to have a partner even if just someone to hang with or talk to or just be in house..

  • TriumphHi Frazzled unfortunately we cant give you any of these things in a physical form but people are here and have spoken with you before but life is not always easy and some days are better than others for many of us and we sometimes just have to take the good with the bad sadly. 


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    1. I know this. Thank you
  • I get that but I thought this was a place we could talk about how we feel and such. I'm sorry I often feel the same way and I'm sorry yall are the only people I have to talk to.  I'll find another way. 

  • Hi Frazzled, 

    Not got much in me at the moment but I wanted to respond as I think I get what you are saying, this is a place where talking freely is ok, I don't think Granny59 was trying to suggest you shouldn't do that. 

    Are you a member of The Room, I sometimes use that forum to thought dump. 

    Don't silence yourself as that won't help. 

    I hope you find some peace tonight.

  • I think I've been there. I just need to dump alot sometimes it keeps me from following the dark thoughts through.  Thank you 

  • I get that, I find my thoughts spin out of control at times and there is a danger of drowning and thought dumping can help. I live alone (well I have a foster child who is only 5, so she takes a lot of emotional energy as she has her own traumas), but I can identify with the deafening silence of the alone time.

  • I'm always alone and I have 5 kids and not a one of them will hang out with me. I hate winter especially here in UK it's just horrible and it effects my mood so much. I hate getting up in the morning just to sit at home all day long. I feel like I'm doing something wrong.  I'm trying to rehome my dog at the minute cause my 2 kids at home dont have time to help with her and I dont feel well enough to walk her out in this cold cause if I we get sick they cant give us our treatment.  I feel like I'm a moaner.i dont want to be. But i dont want to be alone all the time. It gives me to much time to think. Thank u so much for listening this morning.. I'm just scared all the time. I've talked to my GP upped my antidepressants but not working real good. I dont know what else to do.  I just want to not be alone and scared all the time