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COVID 19. Vulnerable Carers looking After the Shielded Group

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Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping someone can give me advice or point me in the right direction...

I’m a sole carer from a vulnerable group (asthma) looking after my dad who is in the shielded group as he is on targeted therapy for liver cancer and is also terminal. I’m extremely paranoid about catching the virus and passing it on and there is no one else / family / friends that can deliver his supplies etc.

Im not sure what I’m trying to find out really I’m just so concerned about going to the shops and going to his house.

He hasn’t had a letter yet but it’s so difficult wanting to keep his spirits up, yet not wanting to be near him.

His oncologist at Christie’s is in the middle of triaging his appointment ie will he have to go in for his routine blood tests etc. He may even be taken off treatment as he was given 6-12 months to live last August and from what I’ve read all oncologists have been asked to prioritize their patients.

Its a worrying time for us all. Not only are we living with cancer, but now this virus. I mean how bad can it get?!

Anyway I think I just wanted to reach out. Take care all X

Granny Sue
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You are not alone we are all struggling and totally understand your fears .As he is terminal he should under palliative care team .I should ring them first if he hasnt been referred then g.p will do that .Also ring the macmillian help line and tell them your fears .Some communities are setting up voluntary help for isolated people delivering groceries and meds .It is difficult and we are in for a long period of disruption I fear .We all need to let off steam on here as we carers are under double the amount of stress .However we can only do our best we are not super human and somethings, are beyond our control .I hope you get some support stay safe and good luck to you and your Dad x

Granny Sue

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Hi , Does he have a laptop so you can contact him through Skype or Face time on a mobile? If he hasn't already been referred to the local hospice, I'd ask his GP to do that as it will open up a lot of support in the home. Nothing can take the thought of the virus away, all you can do is your best to follow guidance  and stay as safe as possible. Be kind to yourself too.

Love and hugs,

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