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Who are the Community Champions?

The Community Champions are a group of dedicated community members who have volunteered to keep an extra close eye on the site.

The purpose of the Community Champions is to make sure that people are comfortable on the community, that they are finding the information they need, and that they are not alone. They are not a police force, a replacement for admin, or a clique.

They help out by welcoming new members, pointing them in the direction of the best groups to join and giving them tips on how to get started on the community.

They also help by sharing information, directing people to where they can find out more and letting them know that they can get in touch with Macmillan for more support.

They play an active role in helping to report spam and rule-breaking to the admin team and feedback to us if they hear that members have problems with the site.

They do not have any administrative powers, so please contact us if you notice any suspicious activity on the site.