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Mum was diagnosed lung cancer a year ago it’s now both lungs and lymph nodes in chest and shoulder 

I’ve supported her through it all sorting her appointments taking her sorting her medication and oxygen which she is on almost all day and night 

but and here’s the but she seems in complete denial about just how ill she is they stopped chemo last year as she was so ill with it and now she has immunotherapy but I believe they will be stopping it as her last scan showed significant growth in primary tumour 

her oncologist spoke to me and said with treatment 6months without probably 2 months she also has severe copd 

how can I make her see she is so ill or do I carry on as normal ? Mum lives with me and at times it’s a real struggle 

sorry for the long post just needed to get it off my chest xx

Miss Kitty Litter
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The post is not long. Say anything you want!

We all have our pieces of information, and it all flows into our story.

My last post was very long.

Keep yourself sane.


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Hi and welcome to Carers.

I'm sorry to hear your mum is so poorly. I think it's safe to assume that she does know how poorly she is. I have a lung disease and I know well enough when things are going badly but in your mum's case, with only two to six months to live I think you're right, carry on as normal for her sake. My husband doesn't want any mention of how ill he is and brushes away any concerns; it's his way of handling cancer and it keeps him strong. It's easy to understand that it is, as you say, 'a real struggle', but with such a short time left, sadly, you will have time enough to rest. 

Keep on posting and using us to offload. We're here for you.

Love and hugs,


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