Advice for pancreatic cancer care

My mum has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with possible secondaries in her liver. We have been preliminary told 3 - 9 months. I’m absolutely devastated. I don’t know how to process this.

  • Same here. Our mum has the diagnosis in May, it had devastated us all. 8-12 months is the diagnosis.

    Sending love to you all x

  • Thank you for your support Jossi and I’m so very sorry you are on the same journey with your mum too :((

    Do you live near your mum ? Or are you living away like me ? I’m 2 -3 hrs away from my family depending on traffic and I’ve never felt the distance greater than now. I’m frantically making arrangements with family, friends and work to look after my dogs and children so I can start spending 2-3 days with my parents every week in case it’s worst case scenario re time.

    I’ve just come down to stay and I’m terrified at the change in mum since I last saw her 3 weeks ago. 

    I hope you live close send good you and your family all the love x


  • Can I just say, take a day at a time. My husband was diagnosed 3years ago with stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer and was given 6 months. Just take life day by day if u can HeartHeart

  • Me too. My Mum was diagnosed in April and given 6-9 months or 12-18 months if palliative chemo is effective - and if she can cope. She reacted very badly to the first round.

    I live 2.5 hours away and my brother is 1.5 hours away. Mum  has been Dad's carer for the last couple of years as he is going blind and has mobility issues. Now he's looking at how to support her as best he can.

    I completely feel the frustration of being so far away and not being able to pop by and help. Mum really doesn't want much help at the moment, and wants me to wait until she really needs it. That breaks my heart in itself.

    Macmillan and Age UK have been great. Age UK in particular are sorting some weekly help with cleaning, changing beds etc. It may be worth investigating for your Mum? That may take some pressure off and give you some peace of mind.

    So far, my Mum is doing OK. But the future is frightening.

    Thinking of you, Lucy.