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Hi all, 

My nan has been diagnosed with osephegus cancer.. we are still waiting for the results of the biopsy to know what stage she is at. We have no private healthcare and I wondered if anyone on here has gone private (self-funded) for cancer treatment (surgery or chemo) and can say roughly how much it costs for them. We are really worried her treatment will take a long time to start what we wait times for cancer patients on the NHS at an all time high. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi  and I see its your first post on the community.

    I have no experience of having or even looking for private treatment but the NHS has always come up with the goods over my 24+ years living with my incurable cancer....... but let's see if any members with experience pick up on your post.

    You may want to join and post in our dedicated Gullet (oesophagus) cancer support group as there may be folks who have followed the same route.

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  • Thank you so much for your reply. I have now joined that group! Take care. 

  • The NHS have been amazing for my husband, we also have private healthcare.  Some of his treatment has been given privately but then there does not seem to be any emergency care, currently is in hospital under the nhs for emergency care and they are wonderful.  The hospital though is very good for cancer ….