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Has anyone here had immunotherapy and what side effects did you have

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    As there are lots of types of immunotherapy, depending on the type of cancer you're being treated for, I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you also post this in the womb cancer forum as I can see from your profile this is the type of cancer that you're being treated for.

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  • Hi @Oak2. Yes. I’m on a type of immunotherapy. A type of checkpoint inhibitor. Generally, it’s been OK really. I did get some joint pain once one month into it. I took a blood test called the EpiSwitch CiRT that came out recently which was recommended by my private insurer. I was lucky in that it told me that I have a very good chance of the immunotherapy working, so this gave me the hope to carry on. All looking OK currently. I hope this is helpful to you on your journey! Cheers, Tom