Colon removal

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Hi, I recently had a lower anterior resection for bowel cancer.unfortunately the resection was not successful and the rejoin area is blocked. After tests on my tumour +my family history of cancer it is looking highly likely I have lynch syndrome that predisposes me to further /other cancers, particularly colorectal cancers. As a result my consultant has said to correct my blockage I have 3 options.

1. Keep my stoma for life , but that would prevent me from having the colonostopies I would need because of lynch. 

2. Have the same operation again + hope for a better rejoin 

3. go for a removal of the colon +connect ileum to the rectum, preventing any further colon cancers

I am leaning towards colon removal . Do you have anyone I could speak to /contact re. what life is like after colon removal. I have been told output + movement frequency would be similar to what I have now with my stoma. I would be  very grateful if any info or experiences you could share

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