secondary breast cancer (HER2+) in liver

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It has been a very long time since I last posted.  At that time I was keen to report my successful treatment with Proton Therapy in Germany.  Unfortunately the cancer returned to a different part of the liver and I could not have more Proton Therapy because the tumour/s were too close to a kidney.  I then resorted to systemic chemo and after 6 months the tumours had shrunk by 50%.  My latest scan in June showed that the tumours had disappeared.  I wanted to let people know the treatment I received which is Vernezios (orally twice a day) and Faslodex monthly injections.  This treatment means that I do not have to go to hospital for it; a nurse comes every month to give the injections at my home.  

I do live in France and wondered if this treatment is available in the U K and if so it is well worth giving it a go.  I was very sceptical that it would work so I am amazed that after such a short period of time I am again in remission.  The oncologist did tell me that it does not work for everybody but if it works for me then why not others.  I suffered no side effects apart from fatigue which has improved with time.  I have to continue taking the treatment but since it has no real effect of my daily life this is no hardship.

Good luck to everybody and if you are wondering what to do next you could give this type of chemo a go.  The names in the U K may be a bit different but I am sure Macmillan will be able to advise on this.


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    That's great news that you are once again cancer free after your latest treatment.

    I'm sure the ladies over in the General Discussion would love to hear about this. I can see that you're a member of that group and wondered, if you had the time, if you could copy and paste it into a new post in that group.

    Wishing you all the best


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