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I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, stage IIA, triple negative. They took out tumor. They tested tissue around tumor and test lympho nodes and thank God both results were clean.

They give me treatment plan chemotherapy 4 cycle and then 12 cycle and later radiation.

Once I knew I am diagnosed with cancer, I changed immediately my life style Nd I'm on strict diet as well taking natural remedies. I lost weight and I bacame healthier and looks younger. I'm following this diet for two months now. 

I am not convinced for chemotherapy as well my family.

Please let me know if any of you tried changing their life style and natural remedies or went for proper center for natural treatments

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    I have my lumpectomy this friday. I am hoping to avoid chemo as docetaxl killed my husband as he got pulmonary fibrosis as a reaction to it. I saw how hard and debilitating chemo was. I was told chemo only prolongs your life by 5%  I am hoping to just have radiotherapy - have you been told you can avoid both and be ok for some time?

    What sort of diet are you following? I am skeptical about 'natural' remedies.I know of a man who took enormous amounts of turmeric and broccoli but he died recently.

    Look forward to contributions from others.

    Best wishes, Vibraphone.

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    I hope in your case you don't need any further treatment. 

    The doctors are pushing me to do chemo immediately and then radiation. They insist it is risky to delay it in my case. 

    The main thing: no sugar, no diary products, no red meat, no coffee and tea.. More vegetables and exercise almost on daily basis.. I making different juices.. Mix grean leaves, mix aloe Vera with pineapple, ginger and soursop, drink only camel milk (from dairy products) with turmeric. I'm fasting as well. I tried to have one main meal on a day and In between fruits and vegetables. Some days I'm fasting more than 16 hours. 

  • hi and  

    how's it going?

    I was totally freaking out about chemotherapy but I got through it, that was five years ago now.

    what have you both decided ?



     real life success stories to remind you that people do survive breast cancer

    Dr Peter Harvey


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    I am waiting to have a conversation with oncology on August 4th. My operation went well - I was told radiotherapy would be recommended probably as there were minute traces of cancer in the sentinel lymph node that was removed. They are now doing three week's worth in one week because of covid. 

    The doctor said no one mentioned chemo for my case at their meeting so I hope that is what oncology say.

    I feel ok but lymh glands are swollen in my neck, shoulders and under arms. GP says not to worry unless it goes on beyond 3 weeks. I have had this before the cancer was diagnosed. It' s slightly uncomfortable but no other symptoms.