When chemo ends.

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I am coming up for my last chemo session. Has anyone had more sessions and why?  I have grade 4 tumour iattached to my spine.

  • Hi

    Warm welcome to the club no one wants to join :-/

    There may well be a better forum to ask this question so that it is found by those with some experience of this.

    If you click this link and type in the name of your cancer type some suitable groups will pop up. Just join the one you feel is most appropriate and select 'Join This Group' then you can start a new discussion and your question will reach those who could help.

    There are groups for most primary and secondary cancer types including Living with Incurable cancer. It would help if you mentioned the chemotherapy treatments you are having.

    I'm assuming the tumour attached to your spine is a secondary (hence the grade 4) ?

    Hope this is of some help to get you some answers - Take Care, G n' J