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Hello, this is my first post. I am taking anastrozole since Sept 2019, which is causing terrible side effects. I understand that side effects can vary with different brands. It may be the core ingredient that is causing them for me or it may be the other ingredients. I have tried the brands Teva and Rowa. Has anyone any feedback on the brands Accord, Bluefish, Mylan or Agerdex. Any help with dealing with the side effects which are mainly muscle and joint pain.

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    Warm welcome to the Mac Community - Sorry to read you are struggling trying to find a brand of Anastozole that suits you :-/  It is an all too common problem with the oestrogen busters....

    Have you tried to get the original Arimidex (by Astra Zeneca) prescribed instead of one of the generics ?

    Maybe some of the brands you mention are just the company who repackages them to sell on as I 'think' Mylan and Agerdex are the same but Agerdex is what Mylan is called in Ireland ?   It is hard with generics to figure out the difference between makers and resellers sometimes Disappointed

    You can check out the individual ingredients of several brands here at EMC. It's usually right at the bottom of the individual brand pages. To see how the main 'filler and coating' compares to what you are taking at the moment.

    If you are taking these as adjuvant hormone therapy treatment for breast cancer there is a very active Breast Group here you can check out and join. There are groups for most cancer types if this isn't the case just click on the groups button near the top.

    When you find and join a suitable group just start a new discussion and copy in your question to reach more members Thumbsup tone1

    Hope this is of some help for now, take care, G n' J

    EDIT - I just looked up the price of Arimidex compared to a generic "Ouch!" they are way more expensive Disappointed

  • Hi I was on the same medication and I had to change due to the severe bone pain amongst other issues,it is difficult trying to get a specific brand that works for you, have a talk with the oncologist and see if you can try something else, hormone meds are not a good thing with everyone, don’t suffer I know exactly how these made me feel so I changed to Exemestane only to suffer with other symptoms! 
    Keep positive X