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Hi everyone lm asking regarding a question for my husband. 
He had his first chemo session on Friday and apart from a few of the minor side effects he was fine until 1am when I thought he was having a heart attack. He was lying on the floor doubled up in pain shaking for over a minute. He says the feeling is like something is stretching and trying to burst out.  At the end of it he is covered in sweat and his veins are bulging out but the pain has gone. It happened again at 3.50 so I called the ambulance And they took him to hospital. They did ecg and blood tests both results were fine. He has had another three episodes since. 

  1. This side effect isn’t on the list so we were hoping someone could shed some light on it for us. Can anyone help ?
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    That sounds like a very frightening experience that you and your husband went through! I haven't had chemotherapy so can't help with what might have caused it but you could also join and post this question in the chemotherapy group. If you'd like to join then just click on the link I've created.

    You haven't said what sort of cancer your husband is being treated for but another idea is to join the relevant group and post your question there as well. To do this have a look through this list for the appropriate one and then join it in the same way as you've joined this group.

    I presume when you said that you called for an ambulance you called the number that your husband had been given for any problems arising when having chemotherapy. Also, I'm not sure when you said that he's had three more episodes whether that was while he was in hospital or since he's come home. If it's the latter then please do give the hospitals 24-hour helpline a call for advice.


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    Hi Thankyou for your reply x he has a stage 4 bowel cancer and he had a surgery 18th of March and lucky operation went well they clean tumour from bowel and liver ( in liver was only one small tumour .and surgeons suggest him to have 3 months chemotherapy to be just safe . He had one episode his pain at hospital so they seen him. And  we called the number On the red book today too and they suggest him to take painkillers and we going to call his nurse tomorrow let’s see any difference.