Diagnosed 3 weeks ago with breast cancer

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Hi, i was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with left breast cancer. I originally had one biopsy of the lump in my breast amd one of the lymph node underarm. Results came back that the lump is a 15mm tumour and the one under arm lymph node isnt cancerous however the consultant surgeon was not convinced. I had all the scans and was booked in for a repeat biopsy of the lymph node. The day came pretty quickly and i went for this biopsy, only to find out that my MRI scan results were back and i have 4 tumours in left breast and potentially 2 in the lymph nodes so i had another 7 biopsies this day. It was the worst thing iv ever experienced. The anaesthetist helped with the breast biopsies but underarm i felt everything, i was traumatised. Cried like a baby, my mum was crying too. It was just over a week ago and i still dont think iv gotten over it. Im now waiting for these results to find out what surgery i will be having and then what treatment. I hope they dont take long, the pain in my breast is annoying. I now feel my nipple is inverted and tingly pain. I suffer with anxiety and depression and im on medication for it, this is all such a hard thing to avoid letting myself sink. I am a strong woman been through so much in my 45 years of life so i believe and have faith im gonna be alright. I just have my moments where i feel sad and im abit snappy and irritable. Iv also got so much worries with my son as he is awaiting life threatening surgery. His health hasnt been great and so iv got it all worrying me. My sleeps abit all over the place at the moment. I wasnt sure about coming in here but i do need to speak with others going through this. Thankyou for allowing me the opportunity. 

  • Hi

    Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry you are having such a worrying time.

    The wait for results and appointments is very anxiety provoking. After my biopsies last month I waited 10 days for results. I then had my op 5 days later. That was 3 weeks ago. I had a lumpectomy and removal of sentinel nodes. I have recovered well. There was very minimal pain. It was more discomfort. I was tired after the general anaesthetic but that wore off after a few days. I was able to potter around the house. You can drive again after 2 weeks and start doing chores again after 3. I did the gentle exercises they provide for you to do following surgery and try to go out a walk most days to build my strength up for my next stage  of treatment which is a preventative chemo because I was HER2+estrogen+ grade 3 then I will have radiotherapy and hormone suppressants.

    I find it helpful to try to distract myself. Try to remain positive it's amazing the treatments they have now compared to years ago. It has taken me over a month to calm my nerves down and some days I have to work harder to keep them at bay. 

    Be kind to yourself. You are not alone. Use the forums for support. Speak with the macmillan nurse either on phone or chat online they are very supportive and informative.

    I wish you well with your recovery and for your son. Xx

  • Thankyou so much, i do find keeping busy is a good distraction for me too. Im having quite abit of pain at the moment. Is that normal? It feels like sharp pains in my nipple which is now inverted aswell. I wish you well too xx

  • Hi

    Yes I think the pain is normal I felt a tight tingling pain before surgery I assumed it was the tumour pressing on nerves. 

    Hopefully not to long to wait now. Xx

  • Okay, thankyou and yes hopefully not long to wait. Xx

  • I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. When I was first diagnosed in March I struggled with sleep and waiting for the results of mri scan. Even when I had the initial biopsy they never mentioned cancer so I just assumed it was an infection as the breast as inflamed and swollen. Once I had all the results I did feel better but then also did have some moments where I felt overwhelmed. I hope your son is ok. Must be horrible to worry about his health and then about yours as well. X

  • It really is so worrying hun. Staying strong and positive is something i have no choice but to do. Im frustrated and anxious so bad. I want to know what surgery im facing and my plan for treatment. It's almost been 2 weeks now so i think i will wait till 3 weeks then contact somebody to try and find out. Its really a test of my mental health aswell. Im wondering when i should do a benefit check aswell. Ohhhh so much on my mind. My sons endoscopy went well, they are going to sit us down as a family in 3 weeks time to discuss the risks of his surgery. As he may not survive but i am staying positive he will be okay and so will i. I really hope all goes well for you. X

  • Hi,

    I really hope you get your results and treatment plan real soon.

    I will keep everything crossed that all goes well with your sons results and treatment plan.

    I don't think it's ever too early to do a benefit check. If nothing else will help you distract for a bit.

    I wish you well on your journey and hope all goes well for you both. 

    I had my heart echo today get my results and treatment plan Thursday morning.

    Keep us updated and happy go chat if you need to let off steam.

    Take care xx

  • Thankyou so much and i wish you all the very best too. Will keep you updated and you too. I really appreciate it hun. 

    You take care aswell. Xx God bless x

  • Hi hun, so i have my plan now, well i know whats going to happen. I see Oncology Tomorrow then i will be starting chemotherapy dont know how long for yet but then a mastectomy. 

    Im so full of mixed emotions, im scared i wont be me anymore. My big bouncy curly hair and my breasts are a big part of me too but i know what has to be done has to be done!!! Im just scared. 

    My faith in the lord is keeping me strong, my mental health is being tested. I just keep singing destinys child Im a survivor, im not gone give up, im a survivor keep on surviving. 

    I had to go for a full dental check yesterday as i cant start chemo if i need dental work and i do need one tooth removed and a full deep clean. Im so petrified of needles that i always get referred to hospital for tooth extraction however i found out i have to get injection in my gums for the deep clean so im wondering whether to just let them take out my tooth same time even though im petrified of it.....i panic badly. The wait for the hospital could delay my chemo. 

    Just feel like crying Cry 

    No point stressing over something i have no control over.