Waiting on biopsy results

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I just wanted to say hi. I'm probably going to be lurking around for a while as I'm waiting for my biopsy results. All I know at the moment is I have a rather large mass in my left breast and according to my mammogram and ultrasound scan it's not gone into my lymph nodes ... Yet. 

I found my lump 3 weeks ago and since then it's grown so much that my breast has gone from a B cup to a C cup.

I've now got about a 2 week wait for the biopsy results. I won't lie that I'm scared. I've got 3 teenagers and a toddler. The oldest teenager and the youngest teenager has additional needs, the middle teenager has just started his GCSE exams and my toddler is also expected of having additional needs. Plus we run our own business so life is hectic enough without this.

I'm showing the world a warrior attitude and cracking jokes but I'm absolutely terrified. So anyway that's my story so far. If anyone has any helpful tips or tricks I would certainly appreciate it. In the meantime time I shall be learning from all the discussion topics.

Thank you in advance

  • Hi Emma, I was diagnosed last year at the age of 40 - I have two children- 7 and 10 years old. I underwent a mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I’m a year on and what a difference a year makes! A year ago I wondered if I’d ever be happy again, and I felt like I had completely lost myself. I now am truly happy - not because I think ive cured of cancer but because I’ve learnt to live for the day and be grateful for what I have. When I look back at how I got here, there were a few things I did that helped-

    - people talk about ‘i want to feel like my old self again’ - I said goodbye to my old self - I grieved for the loss and then  recreated a new version of me - letting go of the stresses of the past

    - I spoke openly about my fears - I didn’t bottle them up inside 

    - I didn’t see my life as being ‘on pause’ - throughout chemo I did fun stuff and 3 days after chemo I went to Dubai!

    You don’t win the war against cancer by curing it- you win, when you learn how to live and be happy in-spite of the cancer .

    I wish you all the best in your biopsy - you are not alone xxxx

  • Thank you so much for that. What you have said has made perfect sense to me. Thank you for replying. I feel so much better hearing from you xxxx

  • I just wanted to say thanks so much for this reply. I've just been diagnosed - age 39, two children age 9 and 7. My plan should be happening on Tuesday and I just REALLY need to get on with this. SuperHeart eyesr shock, have no idea how I'll even fit cancer treatment into my life and I keep slipping into the anger phase rather than the positive vibes that I'm utterly known for. I want to read stories like yours Heart eyes

  • Hello. 

    how did you get on? 

  • Hi. 

    It's Stage 2 Grade 3 breast cancer. It's double positive so I have an appointment this coming Wednesday to talk about treatment and should hopefully start treatment within the next week. I've already spoken to my breast surgeon and I've decided to throw the book at it. So we will start with chemo, then hopefully a lumpectomy if the chemo shrinks the cancer enough, although a mastectomy may still be on the cards, then radiotherapy and then reconstructive surgery further down the line. Still have to discuss about the hormone treatment but I think I'm going to ask to have my ovaries completely killed off and then at a later date ask for a full hysterectomy. I suffer with pco and endometriosis so makes sense really. 

    On the bright side the surgeon said he will give me an uplift on both breasts so they look the same. I get to have teenager breasts again so it's not all bad news lol xx

  • Hi Emma, 

    do you feel better now you have the results and plan? You seem really positive with no dark thoughts - I need you daily in my life Joy 

    I don’t fully understand the positive and negative thing Joy mines triple negative. 

    I'm pleased you’ve got your plan - makes a better outlook on life. 

    I have got 12 weeks of chemo, then every 3 weeks for 3 months. Lumpectomy and then I’m guessing preventative treatment. 
    I am breaking mine down into stages so I don’t get too overwhelmed. 

    Still absolutely pooping my pants with anxiety at its highest of levels JoyJoy 

    When do you start treatment?xx

  • Hi missy. 

    Trust me there are dark thoughts there but when they arrive I always try to think of the positives. I'm trying to keep busy too which helps. I've enjoyed going wig shopping so if/when I lose my hair I'm Stuck out tongue winking eyeall ready to go with some lovely wigs. I keep saying to my husband that I'm going to keep my hair short and just wear wigs after this lol. We've also turned our bedroom into a little bedsit for me. We have 3 teenagers and a toddler so we always have bugs flying through the house so we've bought a sofa bed, a mini fridge and a kettle for the bedroom. It means I can hide away when I need to but I'm not stuck up in bed and I can look after myself with drinks and snacks.Stuck out tongue winking eye

    I'm not sure about triple negative I'm afraid but I'm sure someone can tell you about it on here. Mine being positive it means that the cancer is being fed by my hormones. That's why they will need to either give me hormone treatment or kill my ovaries. It means going straight into the menopause but I wasn't planning on having anymore babies and now I've accepted that I'm not having any more the broody feelings when I see a baby has gone lol. 

    I am also taking it one step at a time. I have my goals so I know what I'm working towards but other than that I'm taking it just one day at a time. I know there will be bad days and that's ok as there will be good days and I will enjoy every second of those good days. If I look at the whole thing it is completely overwhelming. So many surgery's, treatments and medicines. So many decisions to make and so much emotion to deal with so by just taking it one day at a time and one step at a time makes it more manageable.

    I have my treatment plan being finalised on Wednesday so I'm hoping to start treatment soon after that. When do you start treatment? Xxx

  • I had my appointment with oncologist on Tuesday, PICC line fitted Wednesday, CT scan today and then I start chemo on Monday. 

    I can’t wait to start.. means this critter can be evicted! 
    I haven’t had a great morning. Just been fearing the worst. 

    Fingers crossed you start treatment soon! 


  • Everyone has that fear. It's perfectly normal but that fear is a good thing. That fear gives you fight and drive to kick cancers butt. Always here if you need a chat 


  • Hi Emma how are you getting on? I’m waiting on biopsy results now, find out this week. at the scans they basically said it’s very suspicious of cancer and there’s a lot in the family also. I have 2 teenagers, a 2 year and I’m 32 weeks pregnant (as if life with a toddler, newborn and teenagers wasn’t going to be hard enough!) I just want to get the results and know what the plan is so we can get on with. Might mean we get to meet number 4 a bit sooner I guess!