Chemotherapy has finished feeling ????

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Hi all, I am new on here.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in May 2023. I rang the bell 22.11.23 and now awaiting my lumpectomy on 4th Jan 2024.

Throughout treatment I was emotionally strong, and now when I should be over the moon I'm feeling lost, emotional, confused, overwhelmed ??

From what I am reading this is normal but then sometimes I feel emotionally numb ?? I feel like I don't have a connection  with myself??

Anyone else feel like this ??

Thanks Rach

  • Hi there, I'm still on my chemo journey but was having a conversation with my husband about someone he knows whose treatment has finished and is feeling the same. I think it it is totally normal and natural that youre feeling lost after the care and contact you've been having throughout your treatment has suddenly stopped. I know there are "moving on" courses you can access that are a great help. Sorry I can't be of any proper help (i can only imagine at this stage) but hopefully someone will be able to point you in the right direction and you'll find your way xx

  • Hi  

    My name is Dylan and I work in the Online Community team. I wanted to leave a reply with some additional points of contacts and forums that you might benefit from joining. 

    If you'd like, you could post in one or more other forums. This way, more members will be able to read your post and reply. We have a Life after cancer forumThis group is for cancer survivors and people who have finished treatment. It is a space to discuss things like the physical and emotional after effects of cancer, returning to work, or trying to move on with your life.

    You could also post in the other Breast cancer forum.

    I'd also suggest reaching out to our  Macmillan Support line if you need a listening ear. The Support Line teams are there to help every day from 8am to 8pm on 0808 808 00 00. You can also send an email or start a live webchat during the opening hours.  They are here to listen and help you find the right support. They’re also there if you simply want someone to chat with. 

    I hope you are able to process these complex feelings in a healthy way and find relevant advice and support soon.

    Best wishes,

    Macmillan's Online Community Team