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Hi, I'm new here, diagnosed this week with grade 2 invasive lobular breast cancer on the left side and a DCIS also in that breast, had biopsies at the diagnosis appointment of something they've now found on the right too so awaiting those results. Need a mastectomy within the next 8 weeks. Im in my thirties, feeling a bit lost so thought I would have a look at this forum xxx

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    Welcome to the online community. I'm sorry to read of your recent diagnosis and forthcoming surgery. It must feel very daunting. I have had a different cancer type so I hope you don't mind me responding. By responding it will place your post back at the top where it may be seen by more members of the group.

    In the meantime you may want to have a look at some information. This is a link.

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  • Hi, I'm new too and I'm trying to navigate my way around this site....Getting there.  I can see your post is a few weeks ago now but I just wanted to send my support to you.  I was diagnosed this week and I'm waiting for an MRI before my treatment plan can be decided.   For me, it's very important right now to not feel alone so I have joined a few forums.   I hope you've been able to get lots of support from this forum.

  • Hi I’m new aswell, Iv just had my surgery last week, also waiting on results to confirm the next treatment plan, try and keep yourself busy and keep positive. 

  • New today. Been told breast cancer is there one lump, possibly in two, but awaiting meeting to confirm on Thursday. I cant sleep and its a terrifying rollercoaster of emotions. Im also worried its spread. Im 46 with two teenage children. 

  • Hi hun, Iv just had my second surgery today, sent home with a drain, pls don’t worry. I’m 36, Iv got a soon to be 9 year old. And baby who just turned 1. Keep positive, stay strong, good news is it’s been confirmed, the waiting for scans/ biopsy’s etc will feel like it’s taking forever, but trust me these things take time and hopefully will go smoothly. Keep busy don’t over think things and definitely don’t google. Everything will be ok. Stay positive stay strong. Xx x 

  • Try going for walks, do things that you enjoy, don’t make yourself sick by not sleeping or eating. Good thing is treatment etc is so advanced, everyone’s journey is different, stories are different, take each day at a time. Don’t over think. The drs/ breast care team are all on your side. It’s hard I know but it will all be ok. I’m off to take some more medicine! Possibly some fruit, and watching friends lol. Have a restful weekend. Xx

  • Thanks Storm Rain. Ive eaten a banana and trying soup in a minute. Im finding it impossible to see how ill ever sleep again Pensive the worry and total body filling fear is overwhelming. 9 and 1 are tough in different ways with your children Im sure. Mine will never be the same when I tell them. Lifechanging bomb ahead. Thats been planned for next Friday after school after we get more information. Feels like years away x

  • Hun you need to look after urself! Pls don’t over think things, just wait till Thursday, once they know stage etc they will talk about surgery/ treatment plan etc. you need to well enough for surgery etc. worrying doesn’t change anything, teenagers are more resilient than you think. Also wait till you find out more, they will provide ways of talking to your kids. I was given a lovely book for my daughter. Once things start moving along you will feel so much better. Don’t stress xx 

  • I feel like the waiting is the hardest, but I realised worrying won’t change anything, so instead I carried on doing the usual days out with the kids etc, keep yourself busy, Friday is just round the corner. 

  • Welcome sorry to hear your bad news. I’m also stage two on the left breast in grade 3 lymph node in my left armpit,

    . I’ve had CT and MRI scans and they’re all clear but there is an abnormality showing up in my spine and I have to have a pet scan this Thursday I am absolutely bricking it my head is all over the place I feel physically sick all the time I’m hoping these feelings will go once I know what I’m actually dealing with