Tamoxifen & periods

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Hello. I'm 34 triple positive BC. Diagnosed October 2021. 6x TCHP and lumpectomy. Currently on 6/12 kadcyla and started Tamoxifen in June this year. My periods stopped in October 2021 after the first TCHP and had never returned until this weekend. I've had a really heavy painful period which I thought couldn't happen? 

Has anyone experienced similar?

Thanks x

  • Hi, I noticed your post hadn't had any replies yet and I wanted to acknowledge it. I've not had this experience myself,  it you might want to give your BCN a call, or even your GP, just to give you some peace of mind.  Best wishes

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  • I know this can happen, but you should call your BCN as they may want to stop your periods. I'd give them a call on Monday to ask for advice.