Breast clinic tomorrow possible Ibc. Lonely and scared

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Hi everyone I hope it’s ok to post here, I have an appointment tomorrow at the breast clinic can someone please tell me what will happen there?. I’m very confused at the moment as I only went to the doctors as I thought I had eczema on my boob. 

  • Hi Kel41 welcome to the forum and sorry that you haven't had a response as yet. When you go in they will take a history of what has happened and what took you to the GP. They may or may not want to take a Mammogram. They will examine the breast and the area that is concerning the GP and they may want to take biopsies of the area and send these off for testing to see what is going on. 

    Dont be afraid to ask questions tomorrow either as this may shed more light on what your GP is thinking.

    Hope that's helpful and please do come back and let us know how you get on. xxx


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