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Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer (in my 30s)...I have since had a mastectomy and reconstruction and was given the good news that all the cancer was out with no cancer in the nodes phew! I've now met with the oncologist who explained that any futher treatment they do is to prevent recurrence. They explained that it's my decision whether to have chemotherapy or not (which is quite intense) but to help make the decision I could have the Oncotype DX Test but I need to have this done privately. I've already called a couple of clinics in London where I'm based for more information (Royal Marsden/The London Clinic). Does anyone have any experience of doing this privately and know of any other clinics? It seems that costs vary at least for the oncology appointment so I'm doing my research! Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Goose123 welcome to the forum and sorry that you have not had a reply as yet. I dint know a lot about the question that you are asking but Im wondering if you may like to give the lovely folks at the Macmillan Line a call and see if they can help with your query.

    Sorry  Nottot have been of more help for you.  Macmillan Line -08088080000.


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    I guess you have probably made a decision by now as this post is quite old... I just wanted to share anyway in case it was helpful, that my sister had the Onco type test done after she had been declared 'cancer free' (she found a very small lump very early on and no spread to nodes etc). Her onco type results were extremely high so she had preventative radio/chemotherapy. I don't want to scare-monger by any means, but I'll never forget the shock when she was rediagnosed 1 year later with metastasis in the spine/liver - her oncologist then said 'well the kind of cancer/onco score she had meant it was always going to come back, it's just so aggressive'. We were floored by that as even with the high test score she did all the preventative treatment and being that her cancer was HER2 positive and the hormone therapy treatment she was on for the rest of her life, we honestly thought it was completely covered and under control. 

    Like I said I really don't mean to scare-monger! I am sure my sister's case is a rare exception. If it was me I would want to know the risk/probability of a reoccurrence....and also if the score was low, what a huge relief that would be so you can go and get on with your life. Everyone is different though, it's a scary decision to make I can only imagine! I am sure whatever you decide will be what's right for you Slight smile

    Best wishes to you xx