Had my op Monday!

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Hi Everybody

So I had my op yesterday to remove 2 lymph nodes and they have put a clip in my right breast whem my tumour is.  Everything has happened so fast I started my first chemo yesterday and so far feel ok.  Just felt a little bit sick but had worse.  This morning I had to take my first steroid tablet, will take one tomorrow too and then back in 3 weeks time for my 2nd chemo course.  Trying to google stuff.  Is it ok to drink green tea as it has caffine or shoudl I find some de caf, I will buy some de caf coffee.  I know everyones tastes buds are different but any tips on eating habits would really help.

I have bought a natural body lotion and a body wash, just need to get some face creams which are natural too any good ones you are using?

I know it is early days but feeling positive and just resting up today.

Big hugs to you all.


  • Hi Bibi4 welcome to the forum and glad that at least one part of the journey is past for you with the surgery for now.

    Im not sure about what you are asking about diet and caffeine but I wonder if you knew that we have a chemo thread on here and maybe the folks in there may be better able to advise or chat or just generally give you any tips to keep well during chemo. 

    I have inserted the link to this below so you need only click to take you to this and then post and hope that may be of some help for you.



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