Loss of my wife

Today I'm feeling  crap  had a good week at work and with family down last weekend  ,yesterday meet up with some mine and jeans friends in a pub hadn't seen them since the funeral it was lovely to tBroken heartk to them it's just hit me like a tun of bricks miss my love Broken heart

  • It happens like this, or does to me, something triggers and the tears flow. Been like this for a few weeks now, could be the anniversary of Linda passing coming up soon. Was sorting some family photos for printing, was ok all day, even with photos of Linda, until I saw the ones taken in a photo booth in 1972, just a few months after we were married. I broke down and couldn’t stop crying, still in tears now at 2am, need to go to sleep really. This was taken with my phone of the print, so the quality isn’t good…….,we were each other’s first love Heart

    When you smile the world is brighter, you 
    touch my hand and I am a king, your kiss to me is worth a fortune, 
    Your love for me is everything I guess I'll never know the reason why, you love me as you do, that’s the wonder the wonder of you.
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  • I think  started feel crap because I stated to ho through some holiday photos and family ones itcis also coming up to my anniversary in a couple of weeks  

  • I'm feeling crap just now too. Holidays are coming up and everywhere I think about trying just brings back memories. I'm struggling with the thought of even booking somewhere!

  • We had a holiday booked with the family  ,we had to cancel it because her cancer  was getting worst  ,the kids asked me if I wanted to come with them I said no ,but I did look at it would cost more for a single person than for two people