Loss of my wife

Had family staying the weekend  had a lovely time went down the Thames to Greenwich  on Saturday  and had a lovely  ,but before they came I had a letter from British gas  to say they have set up my account ,the only  problem is that they they spelt my surname wrong so will need to ring them , I also was very stressed two days before they  came down I've started to get my wife's  pension put into my account I didn't know that I was getting but then got a email from the tax man saying  that they have put me into a higher  tax bracket  and getting  taxed on my wages now so I was very angry but my stepson partner  is an accountant  she said it will be ok they will change it next month  so I felt OK,now they have gone  home it's so quiet and  without everyone here especially the  grandkids 

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    Sorry to hear about your wife and then all the other issues that come along and seem to make life that little bit more miserable at a time that is the last thing you need.

    Hope both you and all your family are coping as well as can be expected. There is no "right way" with grief but occasionally people can feel they get a bit stuck and then talking to someone can help - even sharing on here can be a plus.



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  • I feel like I don't want to be here she was my only love