Loss of my wife

Last couple of days  I've been dealing with council tax  , gas and water setting up direct debit  was stressed ,had a lovely time at my sisters  and visiting my mother who j hadn't see for ages ,I'vBroken heart got my wife's  son and his family coming to stay this weekend  so a busy time ahead it is still hard for me to be in the house a lone without being here miss her xxxxxBroken heart

  • Andrew b,

    I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you perhaps with the bills, etc. I'm finding that, with very little surprise, the most time consuming to deal with being the government linked ones. It's one communication followed by another and sometimes two different ones from the same agency!

    Family were great when they were around me but geographically we are all in different places so that is tough.

    Alone in the house? It's getting worse as the days go on at the moment. I seem unable to switch off from seeing her and tried making a few little changes of seating arrangements to see if that would help. It hasn't really. Everything also growing in the garden adds to it knowing how much she loved being out there in it.

    It's all too real and painful but we just try and keep going as best we can. A cliche, but it's very true.