Today is our first born sons 40th birthday. I can’t believe how hard it has hit me that his Dad is not here to share this milestone. It’s 12 weeks since he died and his birthday was 3 days after his funeral, which was hard enough but this has really knocked me for six. 

  • Carpetbagger,

    That must be a tough experience. I hope it's gone as well as you could have asked for.

    I have the anniversary of when we first met looming over me and am dreading it. I'm just so glad it's not on a work day this year as I think I'm going to fall apart that day for a little while. My stepson has a big birthday this year and that too is going to be hard.

    Take care.


    • Thank you. It’s been a tough, bittersweet day. I think our son was feeling it too. We had a nice family  meal out but there was an empty chair Disappointed
  • There are so many of these milestones to get through. Just over twenty months on I’m still finding those significant dates a challenge. What I’ve found is that some are more upsetting than others and it’s not always been the ones I thought would be hard that are. 

    Well done for getting through it. Those empty chairs are awful, aren’t they? 
    Take care