Going to our favourite holiday place

Four months ago, when I booked to go back to the holiday cottage where we went every year for the last 8 years, it seemed like a good idea. It’s where we spent some of our happiest times and where we truly relaxed so it’s the perfect place to scatter Daves ashes. My son and daughter and their partners, my parents, Daves sister brother in law and nieces are all coming so I’ll be surrounded by loving  family but it’s just hit that it’s only three weeks now and I don’t know how I am going to cope being there without him. It was our special place and I’m beginning to think Ive made a huge mistake booking to go back. Family all day “he will be there with you” but he won’t will he. We’ll never sit on the edge of the Tarn again together watching the sunset , never climb another mountain together, never sit in the pub garden having a drink after a days walking, never laugh again about how wet we’ve got while out walking and having to dash into a pub to dry off. 
It was Daves birthday last week and I managed to get through that  day but it feels like this trip is just too big.  
I’m hoping that once we get there we can just celebrate Dave and the wonderful man that he was but I know it’s going to be so so hard.. 

  • what a wonderful thing to do to scatter Daves ashes in your special place.  He’ll be with you in your heart., those memories will never go away.

    It will be hard i’m sure, and i’ve yet to go to our special place, I’m planning on scattering some of Robs ashes in Spain as we were going to move there and that’s where he wanted to be until cancer struck.

    All i can say is go and enjoy your break, it will be sad at times but you will be making new memories with your family.