Hello all. I found out today that my family have booked a holiday for the whole family in August. My husband died 7 weeks ago. Whilst I really appreciate their kindness I’m not sure if I am ready for this. He absolutely adored having all the family together and this somehow feels like rubbing his nose in it. Also I will be the only single adult going and will feel a proper gooseberry. I don’t want to spoil it for everyone by being miserable and I can’t get out of it as it’s already been paid for by our son and daughter. I’m sure he would say I was being daft but I can’t help feeling disloyal.

  • You go and enjoy the break, your son and daughter want you to go, and your hubby would also, your not disloyal he will be with you,

    Take Care Elliex


  • The fact they've paid in advance for you does kinda force you into it I think Thinkingbut if they're a good crowd and you all get along well I'm sure you won't feel like the proverbial goosegog !! It'll also be an opportunity to share stories and laigh and cry together with much love intended Revolving hearts

    My mother-in-law wants me to go to Blackpool with her and her partner and her daughter-now, I like Blackpool but going with those 3 would bore the boobies off me Rofl xx

    Tomorrow is another day
  • Hope you're doing ok Ellie xx

    Tomorrow is another day
  • Hi Bootsy one day at a time still, for me it is harder than at the beginning,

    hope you are doing well, its not easy by no means.

    Glad your still about.

    Ellie xx