Another sign maybe

Hi all

Just thought I would show you the foxglove next to Ric's angel, that is one plant and I have one purple and one white flower on it, apparently white are rare! They bloomed yesterday, when I received a letter from the coroner confirming the cause of his death. I spoke up well for him and they are satisfied that it was the cancer that caused his death and no intention of ending his life. I guess he is telling me I did well with my report..

I have not been to as strong as I would normally be and have found this hard but I guess I can still speak up when I need to!!!

Work will not improve yet though our contract with the NHS is extended until end of July! And now we are being sectioned into zones, so I won't even see some colleagues now! It is becoming harder for us all. I don't really understand why all these measures be are being put in place now, even patients by will be wearing masks! It appears like they are shutting the stable door too late!!! Oh well, smile and carry on I guess! 

Hoping you all.have a good weekend.. I am working as my contract has been temporarily changed!!! 

Love and hugs Alison xxx

  • Ar last there's closure with that unpleasant situation with the coroner. You did well and were rewarded with the white foxglove. I'm sure your Ric is proud of you and grateful to you for honouring him.

    Just try to get through your work days as best you can.

  • Lovely foxglove!

    I'm glad you got the result you needed and 'those in a position of authority saw sense' it's small gains I think that give us that ability to take another few steps. 

    So good for you and well done, nice to have a bit of a scrap now and then! Work is work is work I guess..

    However how did you post the pic I was trying to post the view from the grave yard and as an electronics engineer gave up after a few goes? I'm going to try with a new post in here, just watch me f**k it up!

    "Sometimes life is hideous, other times it's worse!"

  • Hi Alison,

    I am so pleased that you got the result you so wanted and needed. At least you can put that part behind you now knowing you fought for your Ric.

    I'm sure he would be so proud that you didn't cave in to the authorises.

    Ali x

  • Thank you all,

    I am glad I had the strength to pursue my belief with the coroner but it was hard at s vulnerable time! I guess Ric knew me well enough to know I fight for our rights! Lol.

    A little light at the end of the tunnel with work today! Firstly we had patients on a weekend, I was able to really help a man with my knowledge of what our council was doing (my son's job) Andi saved him £55 in taxi fares with that knowledge! So that was rewarding. I actually felt I had achieved something nice. And my department sister told me that she is being moved from.the ward back to our department to reset it up! Hopefully we should be slowly operational again in a few weeks! A bit of semi normality.

    Mike I got the picture on by pressing start a discussion, then tool bar on the top, third left is picture, click on it and download. It would be lovely to see your picture. I found it by fluke

    I have come home from work to my son having cleaned up the kitchen and hoovered and he has tidied the mess he made in the garage! So good mood today!!! Smiley

    Love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

  • Beautiful foxgloves, take care