My little ginger ninja

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My cat was and still is my life line when I had a break down few yrs ago, my mate has cancer and I take  ginge  round to his, he literally goes and curls up on him and won't leave his chest until I take him home, I know most ppl think dogs but my baby knows when your down, upset or needs a cuddle, xx

  • Yes they have a sense so much so when our cat Hugo decides he needs to settle by one of us we now think…….. Do I need to go to the GP 

    I know that sounds very dramatic however if we are feeling in a low mood there he is if we are just feeling ourself if he approaches. I could name so many times that Hugo sits beside us and it’s always a sense he picks up on. 
    He knew I had Cancer he was there once I had my op he sat with my husband who six weeks later was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. My daughter if he passes her by she smiles when she lost her baby he was there. 
    He’s a little gift of fluff and warmth when he’s needed other times he shouts at us and demands food or to be let out. 
    We are so fortunate to have him in our lives 

    It sounds as if Ginge has the same gift. 
    Thanks for sharing 

    Read this it had me crying in laughter. So funny