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Hi everyone,

When we're 'feline' a little 'ruff', we know that animals can be a great source of comfortHeart eyes cat

We thought this was a great ‘op-purr-tunity’ to share a little 'pawsitivity' across the Community by sharing some pics and stories of our furry (and not-so-furry) friends CatDogRabbitMouseSnail

I love my cats so much and they’ve been such a support to me and my family over the last few weeks, bringing us joy by… simply being cute! I’m delighted to introduce you to Messrs Viktor Pickles and Samuel L Catson, collectively known as ‘The Bwats’ (black & white cats).

We’d love to meet your pets or favourite creatures through photos and funny ‘tails’, so please do share ‘whatev-fur’ you have Smiley We can't wait to see.

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    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Love this!

    These are my two - can you guess which one tries to steal the other one's dinner? Stuck out tongue

    These two have been by our side through a lot. They're a constant source of comfort and entertainment. Whilst on the face of it they can be pretty silly, deep down I'm pretty sure they have that extra sense for when you need a bit of TLC. Nothing better than a pooch cuddle Smiley

    Best wishes,

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  • This is our fluffy family member Ted, always finding somewhere interesting to sit!

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    Hi all 

    Not my dog but my sons, a Romanian rescue dog.

    He had arthritis in his back legs

    As you can see he enjoyed "his scooter" 

    Sadly last Christmas eve he had to be put down due to his pain being so bad and oh how it affected the whole family of which he was a big part of.


  • Why not share some pictures of your furry friends?

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    I've also included a link here, which will take you to our help pages where we have a step-by-step guide on how to upload a picture.

    We'd love to see your pet pics Slight smile

    Best wishes,

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  • Found an image of our Bearded Collie (Tilly) and Tabby cat (Trubble)

    Tilly was from working sheepdog parents and used to try and 'herd' the cats Hugging

    Alas, Tilly is no longer with us and recently lost our Ginger cat Jaffa as well Disappointed

    So it's just us and our 17 year old tabby pensioner.

    G n' J

  • This is my dog, Suki. She loves getting in a mess and making one!

    If you find dust in my house, write your name in it. When the signatures overlap I'll get the polish. 

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  • This is my rough collie Ben with his favourite toy. Sadly he's no longer with us, but I still have a clipping of his hair.

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  • These pair gave me my user name. Sadly top dog, Boris, died in November. Matilda ( cushion) remains with me.

  • Here’s a picture of our old dog Lizzy. She’s a much loved, almost fifteen year old we rescued as a pup. Poor old thing has arthritis, kidney issues, had cancer of the spleen etc etc. No wonder she picked us to live with